Alder’s Blood Will Be Launching On The Nintendo

Alder’s Blood is another western style game that is emerging in the wild western world. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch on March 13, and other platforms will follow soon. If you want to get a taste of the epic adventure to come, a prologue is available as a demo on the Nintendo e-Shop page.

The game will make a second launch on Steam Early Access on April 10, but there is no set date for the game to appear on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch version are already online, allowing dedicated fans to win the title with a 25% discount.

Alder’s Blood is a stealth tactical game that puts you in the chair of the hunter chief. You lead a group of highly trained and fully trained monster killers. Using specialized equipment, magic, and stealth, they carefully track their prey and lead the beast to a mighty end. Alder’s Blood Will Be Launching On The Nintendo Switch Come March 13, Steam And Other Platforms To Follow In The Near Future For This Turn-Based Stealth Game

It is important that the monster killers travel in a one-on-one group; They would have no chance. It is only by joining forces and making intelligent tactical decisions that anyone can come out of a monster hunt alive.

The prey you are looking for has all the advantages. From detecting hunters by smell to the sheer strength of the beast, there is little chance of victory if it is not planned effectively. It is only by avoiding being noticed, by planning the perfect ambush and by making good use of the strange technology at your disposal that you will be able to kill the monsters of the country.

Alder’s Blood is a stealthy, ambush-based fight. It’s your job to outwit the monsters of the world. You will find tons of diverse and difficult to hunt beasts in the game. From werewolves to vampires, each monster must be handled with care or risk losing members of your elite team.

The gods have turned their backs on the world and evil is running away. A corrupt presence has taken the world by storm and will increase time, transform monsters, and plunge the world into eternal darkness. When you travel the world in your mobile base, you must manage not only these animals but also your camp because resources are limited.