Ariel Winter Reveals She Sliced ​​Off The End Of Her Finger

Ariel Winter injured her finger. Fox News reported that Ariel Winter was cooking in her kitchen, but ended up in the hospital after cutting her finger tip. Ariel claims that her cooking accident led to what she described as a “slightly sad thumb”.

In a conversation with Access, Ariel said that she had cut off his upper thumb while preparing a meal. According to the Modern Family star, 22, “I was trying to make Greek food because I am Greek.” The food that caused his injury was onions.

Ariel says she was cutting four onions and when she went to work on a peeled tomato, she ended up cutting the top of her thumb right away. She claims that she was “surprised”. Ariel said she couldn’t even believe it. Ariel Winter Reveals She Sliced ​​Off The End Of Her Finger
Rather than screaming in pain or being terrified, she was just “so shocked” that she couldn’t even understand what had just happened. In addition, the actress says that she also cut an artery, which, as you may know, is very dangerous due to the potential loss of blood.

In fact, Ariel says that she lost so much blood that she and her boyfriend quickly got up and went to the hospital. Her boyfriend also brought his fingertips to the emergency room.