Caelynn Miller And Dean Unglert Adopt

Caelynn Miller and Dean Unglert are one of the only Bachelor in Paradise couples still as strong as last season. The two adopted a puppy.

Caelynn announced that they were raising a puppy they named Pappy in January. After almost two months falling in love with the doggie, they decided to adopt it.

Dean shared a birthday tribute for the adorable dog who said, “Happy Bday Pappy! this is not his real bday but somehow this little shit convinced us to adopt it. it was not what we wanted to do when we initially fed him, but he left us no choice. this old geezer comes with a list of health complications, so we decided to fill his years of decline on earth with as much love as possible. and it doesn’t hurt that he thrives in the van. Caelynn Miller And Dean Unglert Adopt Puppy While Fans Wonder If They Are Married

Meanwhile, Caelynn talked about coping with many life changes a week ago in the post where she revealed the adoption and the fact that she moved to a new place and had eye surgery. laser.

“A lot has already happened this week. Yesterday, I moved to my new place, today I had Lasik, and, especially … yesterday, we adopted PAPPY. It is officially ours and we couldn’t be happier. We certainly didn’t mean to adopt, but we fell in love with this perfect little angel. Thank @wagsandwalk

On Valentine’s Day, Caelynn hinted that her stepfather may have asked after a fan said they should get married and she replied that they already did.

It would be a huge surprise to Bachelor Nation fans as Dean does not have the best reputation for engagement and even said that he was not the type to marry