Katie Maloney Reveals What She Ate To Lose 25 Pounds!

The reality star managed to lose as much as 25 pounds in quarantine and she did it in a very healthy and stress-free way! Katie Maloney spoke about her lifestyle, which allowed her to lose weight without giving up on tasty eating or on a strict harmful and unsustainable diet!

In fact, she tried several in the past without success, but now the star of Vanderpump Rules has finally found the secret to a healthy and fit life after asking the help of a professional nutritionist!

In this way, she learned everything about the type of food she should eat and which she shouldn’t! Katie Maloney Reveals What She Ate To Lose 25 Pounds!

Fast forward to the present and she lost 25 pounds with minimal effort and no strict diets!

In an interview with HollywoodLife, she explained that “I think that dieting is not sustainable and that it is very short term and will put you in check. So now I feel like I know how to eat for my body and my metabolism. ”

Her husband and co-star Tom Schwartz was also a great help when it came to preparing meals.