Overwatch League: Blizzard Updates Roster Construction Rules To Allow Leeway

This means that, for example, the Houston Outlaws could sign a member of the Vancouver Titans who plays in South Korea, but other concessions will not be awarded to the Houston Outlaws when their new teammate ping more than 150 in an online match competitive.

However, the final decision that was changed is by far the most interesting. Teams can now sign players for 14-day contracts. When the contract expires, the player becomes available for signature by any other team.Overwatch League: Blizzard Updates Roster Construction Rules To Allow Leeway

Players who join a roster with a 14-day contract can immediately play for all of that team’s competitive games in the Overwatch League. Short-term contracts, however, appear to be limited to teams that may have fewer than six players available to play a game.

Albert Yeh, general manager of Florida Mayhem, commented on Reddit on what appears to be a sudden decision.

Albert says this decision was planned and discussed long before the Boston uprising sex scandal, the implosion of the Vancouver ITans and the loss of their main DPS by Washington Justice. He says these changes are not reactions to what has happened recently, but proactive decisions that have not been made public until now.